Stage 1 – From the Basilica of S. Vincenzo (St. Vincent) of Galliano to the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine dei Miracoli (Blessed Virgin of Miracles)


The walk begins on the hill of Galliano, an ancient sacred area, where stands one of the most significant and touching set of buildings of Cantù: the Basilica of S. Vincenzo (St. Vincent), consecrated in 1007 by Ariberto da Intimiano on a pre-existing paleo-christian church of the 5th century, and the nearby Baptistery of S. Giovanni (St. John). In the crypt of the Basilica a revered image of Our Lady of the Milk has been conserved, well appreciated by the popular tradition, that has been dated from the second half of the 14th century. Below this image there was a spring of water – which was later canalised towards a well – that was considered miraculous, and able to stimulate the production of milk.

Descend by via San Vincenzo, asphalted, keeping your right on the sidewalk paved in porphyry cubes for about 200 meters; then cross the street, at the end of the wall that delimits some private gardens, and take on the left a narrow foot-way coming down the hill, bordering the fences of the gardens of a recent residential building, and ends in via Spazzi, asphalted. Keep on this long street, that crosses a residential-artisan area, until you cross via Puecher. Then take this street on the right for a short stretch, until you get into via Alciato. Here is a well-kept, triangle-shaped, flowerbed, that hosts the stand of the Madonnina del Torchio, object of great veneration and recently restored, representing the Annunciation.

Keep on your left, always on the sidewalk, in via Alciato; at the crossing with via Battisti / via Ariberto take via Alberto da Giussano.

Walk on via Alberto da Giussano, always on the left sidewalk. At the end of the street, take on your left and walk over the large alley called Viale alla Madonna. The alley ends in front of the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine dei Miracoli (Blessed Virgin of Miracles), built between 1554 and 1555, a place of worship of the miraculous image of the “Madonna Bella” (Beautiful Madonna) feeding her Child with milk, which is the spiritual point of the Sanctuary. On the left of the church is the cemetery.


Point of departure: Basilica of S. Vincenzo (St. Vincent) of Galliano (via San Vincenzo)

Point of arrival: Cantù, Sanctuary of the of the Beata Vergine dei Miracoli (Blessed Virgin of Miracles) (Viale alla Madonna)

Path type: urban route

Environment: urban area

Total length: approx. 1 Km

Travel time on foot: approx. 30 min

Difficulty: tourist

Rise: -

Maximum height: 370 m

Paving: asphalt, porphyry cubes, cobbles, dirt track

Public transport to the point of departure: -

Public transport from the point of arrival: ASF bus service in Viale alla Madonna

Parking at the point of departure: parking at the beginning and along via San Vincenzo


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