Stage 3 – From the Cathedral to the Basilica of the SS. Annunciata


After the Cathedral, the procession arrives in Piazza Cavour, where the Bishop blesses the waters of the lake. Then it resumes its path into via Fontana and, after crossing Piazza Volta, via Garibaldi, where once stood one of the three main gates of the city, with a bastion and a lunette.

Here, leaving the processional route, it is worth making a small detour to via Volta, to visit the church of S. Eusebio.

Returning to the processional itinerary, on the opposite side of via Garibaldi you can see the facade of the Church of the Gallio College, dedicated to S. Maria of Loreto. It is a baroque work of the early eighteenth century, that replaced the old Church of S. Maria in Rondineto, of which there are now just a few remains. Following viale Varese on the left, where once stood the convent of S. Gerolamo of Serviti, and the monastery of S. Margherita, the processional route leads back to the Basilica of SS. Annunciata, where the ritual ends and the miraculous Crucifix is placed .


Point of departure Como, Cathedral

Point of arrival Como, Basilica of the SS. Annunciata

Route type urban

Total length approx. 0,9 km

Time on foot 15 min (excluding visits)

Difficulty Tourist

Ascent -

Maximum height 201 m

Paving paved / asphalt

Public transport to the point of departure yes, see  sito trasporti pubblici  

Public transport from the point of arrival yes, see  sito trasporti pubblici  

Parking at the point of departure yes, for a fee

Points of interest

In this stage you can find the following points of interest:

* lost church


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