Stage 3 – From St. Eutichio’s Cross to S. Abbondio


To descend back from St. Eutichio’s Cross to the Basilica of S.Abbondio, take the trail number three of the Parco della Spina Verde, that starts on the left of the cross and descends southward.

After about five minutes, follow the sign to the scenic viewpoint (punto panoramico), which is probably the best in the area. The panorama ranges from the Monte Generoso – which is situated in Switzerland – and from the first basin of the Lake of Como on the left, to the hill of Brunate in front of you, to the Monte Orfano and to the Grigne mountains to the right. Below, you can look at the city of Como; try to trace the course of our other three historical itineraries, and look at the outstanding churches of Duomo, S. Fedele, S. Agostino and S. Abbondio, at the rationalist architecture area around the stadium on your left and at the harbour.

Back on the trail, you descend the steep steps in the chestnut-tree wood, paying attention to the slippery ground (especially in autumn). Walking sticks will be very useful in this stretch. Afterwards, the trail becomes less and less steep, and finally rejoins a cart-road, built to access the houses at the foot of the hill of S. Abbondio. This road is named via Selva Fiorita.

After three bends, via Selva Fiorita ends in via Sant’Eutichio. After passing under the railway bridge on the left, you finally reach S. Abbondio.

If you follow on the left via Regina Teodolinda, paying attention to the road traffic – since there is no pavement – in a few moments you’ll find in front of you, on the other side, the ancient church of the Ss. Cosma and Damiano, recently restored and occasionally opened for exhibitions.


Starting point St. Eutichio’s Cross

Finishing point S. Abbondio

Route description Excursion

Total length 1,5 Km

Travel time (on foot) 47 min

Difficulty excursion trail; the first part of the path is steep and can be slippery in humid weather; walking sticks are recommended

Descent 290 m

Maximum height 505 m slm

Pavement mostly hiking trail, then cart-road and asphalted road

Obstacles and difficulties a steep stretch in the first part

Public transportation to starting point none

Public transportation from finishing point none

Parking areas on the starting point none



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