If you are a free man, then you are ready for a walk. (Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862)

CamminaCittà (Citywalking)

Camminacittà (Citywalking) is a project created by Iubilantes. Iubilantes is a voluntary cultural organization that, since 1996, proposes discovering the world through the slow and careful pace of the ancient pilgrim, never losing sight of the fundamental values of pilgrimage: solidarity, sharing, acceptance, the taste of leisurely contact with the sites and their history. Iubilantes is based in Como and has contacts and partners around the world.

Building upon its lengthy experience of walks and paths, Iubilantes proposes a new bilingual web portal (it/en), dedicated to the virtual presentation of a potentially unlimited number of cultural-tourist itineraries for the rediscovery of our cities. Itineraries to be enjoyed in a slow and / or sustainable way, with absolute preference for foot only excursions and with constant attention to the principles of the material and cultural accessibility of the sites, monuments and the very tools used to know about them.
For each itinerary (or path), the portal is designed to give general description, setting, maps, orientation, travel time on foot, monument facts, places of nearby interest, intersections with other paths, links to public transportation and parking.

The portal also provides objective information on entry and architectural barriers, details that let the users decide their opinion on the actual accessibility of what is described. Information will also be given regarding accommodation facilities that claim they are accessible to disabled people.

In short, a portal for discovering our cities on foot, through itineraries of cultural significance; routes for all, yet rather special, because they are not based only on information about the places of art and history, but provide useful data to evaluate their effective accessibility, by determining their degree of usability by citizens / tourists with special needs and, in particular, by the blind.

The Association

IUBILANTES was recovered, restored, returned to the national and international Community footpaths, abandoned railways, monuments of local historic paths. It enhanced dozens of monuments and places through its trilingual brochures, rediscovering ancient traditions and migrationsby finding the signs left on the territory; spread out the culture of walking and accessibility through its websites; made technological innovation to the benefit of culture by creating new software to survey walking itineraries and technologically advanced webportals.However, the truly special and unique contribution which IUBILANTES gave to European cultural heritage lies in having re-proposed to European people the act of walking and soft mobility as effective means for the rediscovery, protection, enhancement of European communities, cultures, landscapes: communities, cultures and landscapes which Europe cannot afford to lose, and which we have to hand down to young people by means of new tools and languages.

A portal in which one seeks to rediscover and celebrate the cultural heritage of our cities combining, as so seldom happens, easy mobility, sustainable tourism and accessibility.
The ultimate goal is to encourage the principle of “good for everyone” and “tourism for all”, in the belief that traveling, especially in the form of slow and sustainable mobility, is a life resource that must be accessible to all, without discrimination, beginning from our territories.


This web portal is available to anyone wishing to let people learn about their city by walking it. CONTACT US !!!