Path 2. The Walk of the WALLS

In the Middle-Age Cantù was known as “the city of the thousand towers”, since it was encircled by a system of fortifications that protected its bustling life, both economic and cultural. Such a system reflected the complex historical events of the borough, determined by its strategic position between Milan, Como and the upper Brianza. In the XII century Cantù was allied with Milan against the Emperor Federico Barbarossa (Frederick with the red beard), who was supported by its rival Como; in 1324, however, the borough reclaimed its autonomy from Milan and proclaimed itself an independent republic; at last, after a decade, it returned in the political orbit of the capital city, following the complicated and troubled events of the fight between its factions.

This itinerary aims to present a journey through time and space in the medieval borough of Canturium, by imagining to follow the trace of the powerful circle of walls that defended it, to discover the remaining features of this complex but fascinating, historical period.


Point of arrival: Cantù, churchyard of the Basilica of S. Paolo (St.Paul)

Path type: urban

Total length: approx. 3 Km

Travel time on foot: approx. 1 hour (excluding visits)

Difficulty: tourist

Access: see single descriptions

Other recommended means of transport: bicycle


Overlapping/ Intersections with other paths

This path overlaps in part with Cantù Path 1


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Chiara Tettamanti, Silvia Fasana


SIRE s.n.c, Guido Marazzi, Julian Coleman


Giorgio Costanzo

Further information

Rise: 60 m

Maximum height: 369 m

Paving: asphalt, porphyry cubes and tiles, cobbles, gravel