Audioguides – Cantù


durata 4 min 2 sec

Path 1. The Walk of the breastfeeding Madonnas


4 min 02 sec

pdfstage 1

durata 4 min 37 sec

pdfstage  2

 5 min 42 sec

Path 2. The Walk of the WALLS


durata 2 min 33 sec

pdfstage 1

durata 12 min 44 sec

pdfstage 2

durata 11 min 38 sec

Points of interest

pdfOur Lady of the Milk

pdfBasilica of S. Vincenzo (St. Vincent) of Galliano


pdfBaptistery of S. Giovanni (St. John) of Galliano

pdfSanctuary of the Beata Vergine dei Miracoli (Blessed Virgin of Miracles)

pdfOratory of the Beata Vergine (Blessed Virgin) or Madonnina of S. Paolo (St. Paul)

pdfChurch of S. Teodoro (St. Theodorus)

pdfChurch of S. Antonio (St. Anthony) with hospitale

pdfThe Castle / Palazzo Pietrasanta (Pietrasanta Palace)

pdfBasilica di S. Paolo (St. Paul)

pdfThe walls of Cantù

pdfPorta Ferraia (Ferraia Gate) or Porta di S. Paolo (Gate of St.Paul)

pdfProvost House of S. Paolo (St. Paul)

pdfThe “Platea magna”

pdfThe “Giubiana”

pdfPorta di Campo Rotondo (Campo Rotondo Gate)

pdfPorta Pianella (Pianella Gate)

pdfPorta Fontana (Fontana Gate or Gate of the Fountain)

pdfContrada delle Torri (Towers’ Street)

pdfFormer Monastery and Church of St. Mary (S. Maria)

pdfMonastery and former Saint Ambrose’s Church

pdfPusterla of Saint Ambrose (Ambrogio) (Saint Ambrose’s secondary gate)

pdfColdonico Gate or St. Rocco’s Gate