Cernobbio, points of interest


Fishers, queens and silk weavers

We propose here at first an itinerary which from the tourist and lake entrance of Cernobbio, slowly goes up to an interesting historic centre, up to the foot of Bisbino, and goes down up to the discovery of an interesting “Cittadella della Seta” typical of the Lario Region.

This route starts from the Peer of Cernobbio, enters the ancient centre of the village with the church of Saint Vincent, crosses the green oasis of the “Giardino della Valle” up to the Parish Church of S. Nicholas at Casnedo, coming down and ending with the beautiful villa in Liberty style, built between the year 1905 and 1906 by the silk manufacturer Davide Bernasconi.


Farmers, artists and notaries in Rovenna

This circular walk starts from the parish church of St. Nicholas in Casnedo, goes uphill on the old mule-track to the hamlet of Rovenna, and returns downhill to the starting point along the old road, now via Monte Santo, which connected the hamlet and the centre of Cernobbio, before the new carriage ro