Stage 2 – From the Tower of S. Vitale to the former convent of S. Croce in Boscaglia


Near the place where the hospital of S. Vitale rose, in the clearing called “Gerbetto”, in the middle ages was built the church of S. Maria del Gerbo, first church in Como dedicated to Our Lady and now known as church of SS. Trinità (Church of the Most Holy Trinity) in the Centro Pastorale “Cardinal Ferrari”.

Close to the ancient hospital of St. Vitale, but on the opposite side of the Gerbetto, rose in the XV century the convent of S. Orsola, home to the sisters of the Order of the Humiliated.

From the church of S. Orsola, now a parish, clearly visible from the rail crossing, starts via Tomaso Grossi, which climbs up to Brunate. After a few hundred meters, on the right, is the Shrine of the Sacred Heart, whose construction was decided, at the end of the last century by Saint Luigi Guanella, endowed with adjoining shelters for children and the elderly.

Going on, always on the via T. Grossi, reach the place called “Badirada” (on the right, along the road indicated by the civic 34-40) where the former franciscan convent of Santa Croce in Boscaglia (Holy Cross in the Bush), which was abolished in 1810. On the other side of the road, in relatively recent years (1975), during the excavations of the foundations of a municipal kindergarten, an impressive architectural complex of the Roman age, known as the “domus of the via Zezio“, was discovered.


Point of departure Como, Tower of S. Vitale

Point of arrival Como, via Tomaso Grossi, “Badirada”

Path type asphalt

Total lenght 1 Km

Travel time on foot 15 min

Difficulty Tourist

Rise approx. 100 m

Maximum height 350 m

Paving urban paving, asphalt

Public transport to the point of departure:

Public transport to the point of arrival:

Parking at the point of departure yes, paying parking

Points of interest

In this stage you can find the following points of interest:

* lost church


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