Stage 3 – From the former convent of S. Croce in Boscaglia to Faro Voltiano


At this point the visitor can choose two different paths to get to Brunate .

The first is the carriage road, less steep but with heavy car traffic. It touches the location of Lower Garzola, where are the so-called “Nautical sports’ Shrine”, and, just beyond, the seventeenth-century church dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Continuing on the paved road, reach the small church of Upper Garzola, then Brunate.

However, we strongly recommend taking the footpath that, from “Badirada”, leads in about twenty minutes to Garzola through a series of rocky steps. A little bit above, on the right, via Val Gioera leads to the “Grotto of the Magician”, then rejoins the paved road.

Instead, continuing the climb, reach the Hermitage of S. Donato, which is a great vantage point on the city.

Continuing on the steep road, in another half an hour you finally reach Brunate. Pass the station of the cable car to Como (Funicolare Como-Brunate) and continue to rise until you arrive to the parish Church of S. Andrea.

The climb is not finished: a little breathless, reach the Church of S. Maurizio, simple but nice. Opposite the church, on a hill, stands the Faro Voltiano (Volta’s Lighthouse), built in 1927 on the occasion of the first centenary of the death of Alessandro Volta, offering great views of the city, of the Como Lake, and of the Alps.

If you want, you can continue the climb to make a final devotional visit to the Church of S. Rita, commissioned by the local Workers’ Alpine Club (CAO).


Point of departure Como, via Tomaso Grossi, “Badirada”

Point of arrival Brunate, Faro Voltiano (Volta’s Lighthouse)

Path type footpath and some stretches of urban road

Total lenght 4 Km

Travel time on foot about 60 min

Difficulty Tourist-Excursionist

Rise approx. 600 m

Maximum height 882 m (Faro Voltiano)

Paving footpath, asphalted road, cart road

Public transport to the point of departure: see (

); buses transit on the road to Brunate. Hermitage of S. Donato can be reached only by foot.

Public transport to the point of arrival: Bus Brunate – CAO. From the center of Brunate, Como can be reached in 7 minutes by cable car (Funicolare), see (

, )

Parking at the point of departure: very few on the road to Brunate.

Points of interest

In this stage you can find the following points of interest:


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