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    Iubilantes Organizzazione di Volontariato Culturale ONLUS

    Via Giuseppe Ferrari 2

    22100 Como

    tel. 031 279684

    fax. 031 2281470

    IUBILANTES, created in 1996, is inspired by the values of solidarity, hospitality, cooperation among peoples, human and personal approach to history, cultural heritage, traditions; it reflects these values in the history and culture of the pilgrimage, as a unifying factor of civilization and historical roots of our present.

    It proposes to relive the pilgrimage experience and its picturesque routes; discovers and disseminates the taste of travel by foot and the spirit of hospitality and solidarity that characterize it, and the taste of the slow and natural contact with the environment, traditions and landmarks.

    It enhances sites and landmarks through revitalization activities and initiatives of social utility, according to the criteria of sustainability and full accessibility. For these activities in 2004 Iubilantes has been granted a special recognition, the Lombardy Regional Council Award for Peace and in 2013 the SETTEGREEN Awards 2013 for MOBILITY, by SETTE, Magazin of “CORRIERE DELLA SERA”.

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