CityWalking: Erba

VillincinoErba, an important town of Upper Brianza, is the result of a gradual agglomeration – which took place in the period between 1906 to 1928 – of various small villages and towns: Erba, Incino, Buccinigo, Crevenna, Cassina Mariaga, Arcellasco and Parravicino.

The town is situated on the southern end of the Larian Triangle, and spreads into the cone-shaped area formed by the Lambro river at its exit from the Valassina valley. It is particularly fortunate in its views, as the eye can range over the scenes of the wild Bova Valley, the gentle slopes of the Brianza hills, and the shining silver blue of the Alserio and Pusiano lakes. The place has been inhabited since prehistoric times and became un important Roman urban centre, and one of the most ancient parishes of the entire Diocese of Milan. Later it became an important strategic point in the struggle between Papal and Imperial authority, and that between communes and the various noble families who were often at war with one another as well. In the 18th and 19th centuries it was re-discovered by wealthy Milanese families of noble and upper middle class extraction, who had magnificent villas built and opened their doors to scholars, poets, and artists like Vincenzo Monti, Carlo Porta, Giulio Carcano, Andrea Appiani, Antonio Canova, and Francesco Hayez.

Carlo Emilio Gadda gave this description: «a land of people and folk, and clothed by hard work». Indeed a place with a treasure-house of precious testimony to history, faith, and art.

Let us take the road, unhurried, to find it and appreciate it…

The Erba path has been created within the “Alpine tourism: benefiting from the territory in a sustainable way” project

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