CityWalking: Ossuccio

ossuccioOssuccio (in the Municipality of Tremezzina) overlooks the western shore of Lake Como, in the area which in vernacular goes under the name of Zoca de l’oli (oil basin), because of the olive trees that grow at such an unusual latitude, due to a particularly mild climate. In front of the village, there is the Comacina Island, the only island on Lake Como.
A land located along an old way – the Via Regina (Regina Road) – linking the Po Valley with transalpine regions, which, over the centuries, was covered by traders, artists, and pilgrims, and where the first evangelization of the Como area took place. A land full of precious works of art and history: from the Roman votive altar, dating back to the 2nd or 3rd century AD and dedicated to the Matrons and the Genes of the pagus of Ausuciates, now preserved in the church of S. Agata (formerly dedicated to St. Sisinnius), to the Roman and paleo-Christian remains on the Comacina Island, and the gems of Romanesque architecture, such as the ruins of the Basilica of S. Eufemia – this, too, on the Island -, the church of S. Maria Maddalena in Ospedaletto, with the adjacent Hospitale for pilgrims, or the church of S. Giacomo in Spurano.

Let us try to discover Ossuccio and the Comacina Island with the pace of the pilgrim, by walking, unhurriedly, while concentrating on the places we see, so as to feel the vibrations of their history, folk memories, and traditions. In fact, we believe that walking is possibly the only way we can truly understand places and things, because, more than any other manner, it allows us to appreciate the beauty, sometimes evident, other times more humble and concealed, that our ancestors have handed down to us.
It is only this way – we think – that our territory may foster the connection with its history and continue to hope, for the future, in a well-deserved and due respect.

The Ossuccio path has been created within the “Alpine tourism: benefiting from the territory in a sustainable way” project.


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