Fishers, queens and silk weavers

This path starts from Cernobbio jetty, enters the ancient dwelling of the village with the church of Saint Vincent, goes through the green oasis of the “Giardino della Valle”, goes up to the Parish Church of St. Nicholas at Casnedo, coming down and ending with the beautiful villa in Liberty style, built between the year 1905 and 1906 by the silken businessman Davide Bernasconi. The suggested path allows to discover the different aspects of the city of Cernobbio , harmonically merged together from the “shore” of the hotels and the tourist facilities up to the historical centre of the ancient village of boatmen, fishers and wool-sorters until the internationally renowned beautiful villas, up to the “cittadella della seta”, the only archeological textile industrial site of Como. Also for Cernobbio we have tried to let discover the hidden aspect of the town, to describe and to make readable also the buildings already cancelled from the flow of time. In any case, we have not had the presumption to give complete and detailled information about every place, but we have tried to make it live on in the historical and geographical reasons that have caused its start/ birth. Only in this way, the places will be able to keep alive the connection with its own history and they will be able to go on hoping for a deserved and due respect in the future.

Path details

Point of departure Cernobbio, Imbarcadero della Navigazione Point of arrival Cernobbio, Villa Bernasconi Path type stage 1 and 4, urban and tourist -excursion mixed route (stage 2-3) Place urban zone (stages 1 and 4), hilly region (stages 2 and 3) Total length approximately 3.5 Km Time on foot 1 hour and a half ( visits excluded) Difficulty tourist with level ground route (stage 1 and 4) tourist –excursion hill route and presence of unsurfaced ways and cobbled steps (lap 2-3) Access see the single points of interests Other suggested way of travelling mountain bike

Cross with other paths

This path crosses with: Path 2stage 3


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Further information about the path

Rise approximately 100 metres Maximum Height 300 metres Paving porphyry,asphalt, cobblestones, gravel, stone pavement, tiled pavement, dirt road Public transport to the point of departure:  bus ,  boat.   Public transport from the point of arrival:  bus ,  boat.   Parking at the point of departure: In Arbe Street is to be paid

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Historical characters highlight bg=”#ededed” color=”#000″]Tolomeo Gallio[/highlight]  Domenico Pino   Carolina Amalia di Brunswick   Maria Alexandrovna   Luchino Visconti 

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Websites  website of the Comune Of Cernobbio   website of the Comunità della Beata Vergine of Bisbino  We would like to thank Mr. Roberto Righi for the precious cooperation.


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