Stage 1 – From the Basilica of the SS. Annunciata to the “ring of miracle”


This path follows the track of the procession of Good Friday, an ancient devotional tradition of the city of Como centered on the worship of a miraculous Crucifix kept in the Basilica of SS. Annunciata. The procession is led by the Bishop and starts out from the Basilica of the SS. Annunciata with the participation of all the parishes of the city and of its surroundings, pointing towards the south along viale Varese, aside the alley. It then takes via Cadorna, once called Contrada dell’Ospedale (Contrada of the Hospital) because here stood the original Hospital of S. Anna. The complex, reduced in size, is now seat of the Conservatory. Under the road ran the Roggia Molinara, a branch of Cosia creek, tributary of Lake Como. The procession reached the end of the street, at the intersection with via Milano, then crossed the bridge over Cosia creek, in order to reach the monastery of S. Chiara in the borough of the Saints Gervasio and Protasio (now called the Borough of Saint Rocco). Here the miracle of the broken ring took place: a chain, attached across the street to prevent the passage of the procession, would miraculously fall before the Crucifix; the “ring of the miracle”, belonging to the chain, is still attached to the right side (looking at the front) of the Church of S. Bartolomeo.


Point of departure Como, Basilica of the SS. Annunciata

Point of arrival Como, Church of S. Bartolomeo

Route type urban

Total length approx. 900 m

Time on foot 12 min (excluding visits)

Difficulty Tourist, slightly ascending

Rise about 10 m

Maximum height 219 m

Paving paved / asphalt

Public transport to the point of departure: yes, see

Public transport from the point of arrival: yes, see

Parking at the point of departure: yes, for a fee


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