Stage 2 – From the Church of S. Bartolomeo to the Cathedral


The procession then descends along the northern part of via Milano, across the square where once the convent of S. Francesco stood, in front of the bulwark with lunette and enters  the walled city, along via Cesare Cantu. The procession passes in front of the Church of S. Cecilia, while on the left a short deviation from the main path along via Giovio allows you to reach the Church of S. Donnino. The procession continued instead on the right, following via Giovio towards Piazza Medaglie d’Oro (Gold Medals’ Square).

From this point on, our route coincides (in reverse) with stage 1 of the Route 1. Crossing the square, the procession proceeds along via Vittorio Emanuele, and passes between the apse of the Church of S. Fedele and the Municipal Palace, until it reaches Piazza Duomo. Here, a moment of pause and reverence takes place, in front of the door, kept wide open, of the Cathedral.


Point of departure Como, Church of S. Bartolomeo

Point of arrival Como, Cathedral

Route type urban

Total length approx. 1.1 km

Time on foot 16 min (excluding visits)

Difficulty Tourist, slightly descending

Descent about 30 m

Maximum height 201 m

Paving paved / asphalt

Public transport to the point of departure: yes, see  urban buses  

Public transport from the point of arrival: yes, see  urban buses  

Parking at the point of departure: yes, for a fee

Points of interest

In this stage you can find the following points of interest:


Sfoglia la Gallery della Tappa:

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