Path 2. The Walk of the Holy Week

This path follows the traditional itinerary of the Good Friday’s procession, connecting the Basilica of the SS. Annunciata, on the western side of the city, with the centre of the city and its southern districts.

Path details

Point of departure Como, Basilica of the SS. Annunciata Point of arrival Como, Basilica of the SS. Annunciata Path type urban route Total lenght approx. 4.0 km Travel time on foot h 1 (excluding visits) Difficulty Tourist (urban area), no particular difficulties Accessibility see the single descriptions Other recommended means of transport bicycle, public transportation

Overlapping / Intersections with other paths

This path crosses with: Path 1Stage 1


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Further information about the path

Rise approx. 30 m Maximun Height approx 230 m Paving paved, asphalt Public transport to the point of departure  bus service   Public transport from the point of arrival:  bus service   Parking at the departure point: yes, for a fee; some parking for disabled

Want to know more?

Historycal figures:  Tolomeo Gallio  , Giovanni Oldrado da Meda,  Umiliati  ,  Girolamo Miani  ,  Michele Carcano   Bibliography: Cani F., Monizza G. (a cura di), Como e la sua storia dalla preistoria all’attualità, NodoLibri, Como 1999 (2) Cani F., Monizza G., Como e la sua storia. I borghi e le frazioni, Nodo Libri, Como 1994 Glossary:  rivellino   ex voto   ancona   reliquiario   chiostro   tabernacolo   ordine tuscanico nartece   cariatide